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Default Re: Madden 2006 SLI issues anyone?

OK -- The settings that you have worked, and the SFR mode doesn't glitch all up with graphical corruption eventually. What I think was happening was this -- even though I selected SFR mode, it is probably that several of the AFR2 compatibility flags were still checked in the profile, so I used nHancer to disassociate mainapp.exe completely from Madden 2005, then I created an all new profile for Madden 2006, associated mainapp.exe to that, and then configured it using SFR and all of the settings you describe. Presto! For people with flat panels though, you will still get tearing if your computer is super fast so I would recommend enabling Vsync in game. I did have to tone it down to 4x AA for a little bit better speed but I just played an entire game without any glitching for the first time. Thanks for the help, and I hope Nvidia gets around to making a real SLI profile for this game sometime soon.
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