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Default Anyway to get higher than 2048x1536?

I was wondering what the top resolution of the nvidia cards are, i was wondering if I could go up to 2560x1920, currently im running at 2048x1536, and my monitor can do up to 2560x1920, but i dont know if there is a video card that will allow me to do it, right now im on a nvidia geforce 2 mx 440 64 MB, i was wondering if i could edit the drivers some how for me to exced the 2048x1536 limitations, if it can do 2048x1536 @ 75 Hz, the video card, that is, then I would think it would be able to supposrt 2560x1920@60 Hz, anyway thanks in advance, any responces are appreciated.

btw, sorry i probably posted this in the wrong forum before, the open forum.
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