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I reinstalled the glx stuff many times, I can't get it running again, always the same error. This must be a problem with the symlinks and libraries...
If someone could post a list of lib and symlinks (all the .so and .so.*) that should be there or shouldn't, it would really help me, 'cause I'm lost !

BTW, what did you mean by "run file on the target of the symlink to see whether or not it's stripped."

Thanx a lot !

PS : when I make the /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extension/ symlink manually, and then try to restart X, it doesn't run because of the error I mentionned, deletes the, and comes back non-using glx !

PPS : in fact, it seems that a lot of modifications I made (changing symlinks from Mesa files,...) are deleted and everything is set back when I try to restart X and it fails...

PPPS : I have two files : libGLcore.1.0.4191 and libGLcore.1.0.4191.nv_glx... which one is the right one ???

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