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Default Re: TV-Out with 7676 (Geforce 3 Ti500)

Well, I messed around with my system some more and discovered the following things.

When I use the 7676 driver and remove the "1024x768" from the screen section of my tv-out, and then start an "X :1 -layout tv", my whole system crashes. I can't get into it using SSH, I can't ping it. Looks like a complete Kernel Panic.

My normal desktop (so my CTR) is 1024x768. So the system has to switch from 1024x768 (CRT) to 800x600 (TV) and then the system crashes.

When I put the "1024x768" back in the screen section, the system doesn't freeze, but my TV is still blank.

When I startup without the CRT connected, the boot process is displayed on my tv, but when X starts I can't see a thing. I don't get any error messages though. This is with an without the 1024x768 option in the screen setting (so the system doesn't freeze with only the 800x600 option when the CRT is not connected, it just doesn't display my x session).

When I use the 7167 drivers, the "1024x768" lockup doesn't occur. However, when I tried to start the tv out, the tv was still blank. I then disconnected the CRT again, the boot-process came up on my tv and ...... I got an X-session on my tv

I then rebooted with the CRT connected and suddenly I could switch to my tv and it showed the X-session (so I started the TV session manually). It looks like it has problems to recognize the tv from cold boot, but when ony the tv is connected on the cold boot, it works like it should.

I don't know what is going on, but there are definately some strange things going on with these drivers. I hope someone at nVidia can fix this.
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