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Default Re: x86_64 lock-up problems - any ideas?

hi gilboa,

No I don't need cool'n'quiet, but I've pretty much ruled it out as a cause of the problem. I recompiled the kernel without any frequency control/cnq support and it still locks up when running as root.

Tried it a second ago, it will run two lots of glxgears at the same time but shut them both down and try to start another and it locks up. It opens the window to draw into and there is the black background but that's it. Mouse can be moved for a few seconds (and then not smoothly), and then stops totally.

As SMP will be the norm by this time next year we shouldn't have to wait long for a fix ;-)

Just for info, in case it's not quite right-
with one window glxgears runs around 15,000fps and one core at 100%
with two windows glxgears runs approx 1,400fps and two cores at 100%...
So twice as much processor usage and one tenth the frame rate.
Might have to try that test on my athlon mp box for comparison!
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