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Default Unreal2 performance, what have you found?

Ok, I play UT2003 a lot, with everything set at high and 2X AA / 4X AF, at 1024x768 and while I have seen slowdown in some boards, it has always remained playable. Enter Unreal2 based off the same engine, with the high settings, default ()high no custom modifications) I receive what is a very unplayable frame rate (7 - frames sec) during combat. Turning off AA and AF leads me to about 15 frames a sec still very unplayable. Given my system Dual Althon1800+, with a Geforce4 4600 512megs ram and Ultra160 15K HD's that fact that I can not play this level at a reasonable frame rate at 1024x768 is just scarry. So I'm asking what other people have discovered?

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