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Originally posted by prydah
what were u doing when u get the blue screens?
what is the capitol of montana?
did u first uninstall the previous drivers and then install the newer, updated ones?
exactly how close is this |-| close?
did u brush your teeth after eating?
what directsound r u using?
As I said all I was doing was adjusting the volume. It'll blue screen as soon as I touch the volume control even if that's the first and only thing I do after rebooting.

No I didn't uninstall the old ones, they were the drivers that came with win 2k, if I removed the sb live from device manager as soon as I rebooted the old drivers would be automatically reinstalled.

This |-| close is so close that I actually took the card out and had to fight the urge to break it. I put it down and watched some tv for a while to calm down.

Did I brush my teeth after eating? Nope.

Directsound, I guess you mean what version? Whatever comes with direct x 8.1.
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