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Default Feature Request - option to disable panning for mode switching.

I am having issues with the NVIDIA X Driver for linux. And by searching the forum, I'm not alone. What I (and a few others) would like to see is a simple option to disable panning. For example with the following MetaMode line:
Option "MetaModes" "1600x1200,1600x1200; 640x480@640x480,640x480@640x480"

would give the following result... You would start with default screen of 1600x1200, but when you use CTRL+ALT+"+" to switch mode, you get 640x480 resolution, but a virtual screen of 1600x1200 with mouse panning. this is VERY annoying. that line should give you a standard 640x480 line according to the MetaModes rules. This should be a very simple fix to the code for the MetaMode parsing.. I would do this myself, but as nvidia has chosen to not allow the development world to help them, we are stuck unless we can convince NVIDIA to do it right.

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