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Default Re: Overclocking a GF4 MX440 64MB AGP 8X

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
Not necessarily. Back in my GeForce3 days, I used one of the old Blue Orb coolers, which came with a 3-pin fan header. I just plugged it into my motherboard and was off and running. Just a thought.
well the 3-pin connector on my motherboard is being used by my side case fan, but i probably have a 3-pin to 4-pin connector lying around which would help me free up some space for one of those blue orb thing your talking about. but im not looking to spend money on a heatsinkfan attatchment, just looking to see how far i can push it currently, or if i've reached that point already.

anyways, i posted a question about the exclamation mark that riva tuner shows, if someone could answer that, that'd be swell.

thanks for the help so far.
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