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Default Re: So after 6 months, I finally got WoW...

well My main is a lvl 60 priest, im now lvl'ing a mage which is lvl 46 and I also have a lvl 48 shaman.

IMO the mage is the funniest class to play but the misses, resists, arcane and frost bugs are really hampering the mage. Not to mention the nerf on poly. The mage is now being out dps by the rogue, hunter, warrior and shaman. Not to mention all the fire resist gear out there. Blizzard even went as far as changing the discription of the mage on the website. It no longer mention the mage being the leader for dps or anything about dps for that matter. They now don;t consider the mage a dps class. I mean wasn't the offset for a low health pool and ac being high(est) DPS?

I'd be happy if they just worked on the above bugs. I could really careless if the mage is the dps king.
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