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Default Re: Geforce 4 Ti4400 Bios question

Since I would consider the card to be a paperweight untill it is repaired, I would call a electronics repair shop and see if they have any tricks to solder a bga memory chip onto a board. Reason I say bga is because my ti4400 has bga ram, and all 4400s I have seen do so as well. If it's not a bga chip, you should be able to do it yourself or have another do so if you're not comfortable with the thought. The bga chips have ball connections on the bottom surface of the chip, tsop chips have leads coming from both sides of the chip like most others. Bga is therefore more complicated to field repair.

If not, then try the 64m bios and let me know how goes it. I love to see stuff fixed like this, I recently soldered some chip caps back onto some ram I was given that had the chips knocked off. So here's me with two sticks of ecc mem that work great and cost 0.
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