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Default Check out this cyberpunk mmorpg.. Neocron 2

Neocron 2

If u are sick of fairies and happy happy joy joy gaming, u should check this game out. Played EQ2 for more than six months but nothing beats the immersiveness of Neocron. Just check it out, it isnt state of the art graphics but isnt bad looking either. A really good setup tradeskill system, rare weapons/items system like ive never seen in another game be4. There are so many "lives" u can live in this game so u wont get bored easily. But due to poor advertizment many people never heard of this game.. so hence this topic. Server is becoming al lot more active since they released Neocron 2 box version in US and Europe, and the merge of 2 servers.

Theres a 14 day trail account so u can test the full game for free.
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