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Default Re: Never realised Asherons Call 2 was such a failure.

I played AC2 for about 6 months (about 2 years ago now )and it was fun untill i got to the content void of lvl 36-50,at that time there where 100's of posts on there dev boards asking for content to be added to these lvl's but the dev's(as always it seems) just didnt bother listening and brought out the nerf bat instead,which as i recall the changes they made where that bad they met with the reaction of mass calculations

i saw my server go from a peak of 1800-2000 down to 600-800 i stuck the grid out with my nerf'ed mage for a few more weeks till i hit lvl 44 but in the end i just could'nt take any more and canned it

it would have been a very good MMO if the company had stuck to the original vision of the game(players rebuilding the world by making there citys expand/stronger & driving out the mobs and reoccupying taken citys/town)but as i recall turbine totally replace the orginial dev team with a totally new team within the first few weeks of the game coming out of beta!

A shame to see it go but i guess thats what you get when you dont listen to the ppl who pay your wages & keep your game world alive...
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