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Default Re: So after 6 months, I finally got WoW...

I believe it's already fixed in. Look at the discription, i know at lvl 46 my poly says it works for 40 seconds. I'm extremly lucky while pvp'ing if i can get a fireball off while my target is morphed. Thats 3-5 seconds or under most of the time.

I read awhile back blizzard saying that CC wern't fun and they were going to look in to it but the only classes getting the axes is that of cloth wearers, the one who needs them.

Rogues are stacked with multiple stuns, blind, invisabilties, poinsons, etc.

Warriors, stuns, fears, Ac, Health, etc...

Hunters seem to keep me stuned, blinded, cripples, poisons etc...

I dunno, being partial to these classes(spellcasters) I guess I just tend to have a few rants about their overlooks.
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