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Default Re: Well the NDA is officially up on Desert of Flames.

Further in combat changes.

Necromancer Real World changes. Level 34 feeback.

Swarm of Rats: On live this spell has a 2 minute recast and summons rats 2-3 levels below you. The rats dont hit for very much ((max 12 damage I think)) and theres only 2 of them of the lowest possible con.

With the new update Rats summons 3 rats that equal to your level regardless of skill level. ((adept/1aprentice)) they hit in the 20's and consistently. And the recast it shortened too.

Lifetap: Yes necromancers have lifetap from level 20 and beyond now. This works really well in conjunctin with pet heals which had there power cost removed and converted only to health. Lifetap/Pet healing is very viable. The level 20 Lifetap does about 150 damage.

Pestilient Blast line: Disease based nukes turned to fast duration dots with higher damage potential. It does initial damage and finishes off dot duration in 4 seconds. Very potent dot.

Pet changes: Fighter type pet damage reduces. Caster pet damage significantly increased. This is the pet for bust damage. Scout pet damage is way above Fighter pet as well and seems to hold consistent damage better.

Pet buffs: offensive and defensive pet buff stances. Defensive buff is awesome. Pet can actually taunt encounter mobs and hold aggro.

Dots: Reduced a bit. The dots you do have are more effective. But you no longer have to cast 8 dots to do any kind of damage.

Defiler Changes: Level 36 perspective.

Wards: Wards have had their effect decreased. However wards finally mitigate damage before ward absorption. So they are far far more effective. I can usually stand up toe to with an even for 25 seconds before my ward actually gets depleted. Compared to Live where my ward is knocked down in 2 hits.

Debuffs: Slows and stat debuffs make a huge difference. Effects such as revulsion now debuff a mobs stats by 27% and degeneration slows a mob and decreases its overall DPS by a specific percentage.

Dots: Dots now do more damage like necromancer dots and also have debuff effects along with them. No more stupid 20 dot stackinbg

Buffs: Buffs decreased. But the effect off buffs obviously makes a difference now.

Self Only buff: Removed fear proc! added lifetap proc. Increases intelligence so therefore increase spell damage.

Troubador Feedback. Level 33.

Run buffs: Selo is back! You get first selos at level 13 and its faster than pathfinding. And then you get new ones as you progress in level. They dont stack of course but my 27 buff is faster than the 2pp horse.

Songs: Well songs are more interesting now. As they can range from dots, to damage over times, to buffs and debuffs. Most effects have been adjusted. Such as regen only occurs during combat. But None require more than 1 concentration slots. Often do I find myself rapidly switching my concentration songs for a new one. From haste to, HP, to Power regen. To charming mobs. ((which actually works now))

Charm: Reduced from 5 concentration slots with a 5 min recast to 1 concentration with a 45 second recast. Spell lasts a good 30 seconds at adept 1 quality. When soloing this spell has proven very useful for dealing with adds and encounter mobs.

Combo Attacks: Combos actually work now. For several reasons. Theres no cast times on melee combat arts. So if you can throw several high damage melee attacks at the right time if you prepare. Example.

Cheap Shot Combo: Cheap shot is a 3 second gaurenteed stun now. I can cheapshot. Turn behind mob. Fire off backstab attack, Flurry and single target attack.Doing insane burst damage. Cheapshot is only a 30 second recast so its a completely viable tactic. Doesnt work epic mobs so no worrying about that.

Overall Impressions

Traditions against certain NPCS: These have been drastically increased. My defiler nukes a goblin for almost 550 damage. While my mage nukes for near 750. My scout is backtabbing gnolls for over 600 damage regularly.

Fight Times: The average fight against an even NPCS takes about 20 seconds give or take. With less downtime than before. No more of that crushing blow crap and mobs parrying every other attack. With faster damage for almost every class. Combat moves more smoothly with less downtime. Duration of Fight is a bit dependent on class. Priests/Fighters dont kill quite as fast as scouts/mages.
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