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Default Re: nV News Konfabulator Widget

Originally Posted by OWA
I think I might have been trying to select the main forum headings instead of the actual forums. For example, if I tried to select OPERATING SYSTEM FORUMS, it wouldn't work correctly and when returning to the preferences, it would just show New Posts as being selected. If I select NVIDIA Linux Forum instead, then it works properly and when I return to the preferences, it still shows it as being selected.
Glad you got it figured out. And yes, that is kind of a user interface quirk regarding the headings. It seems that Konfabulator doesn't respect the
<option disabled>
attribute for a drop down control. So, I had to give the option some value and just made it -1 which results in just reverting back to the default feed of the overall 10 latest thread activity. This is something I'm working on a fix or workaround for.
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