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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Its strange but my Coworker is hardcore into Guild Wars, cause he loves the PvP and especially character builds and strategy involved.

And the way he talks about it, he knows plenty of people and groups that are equally hardcore and they have crazy battles....

He says its real meat of the game is building the characters to get skills as quickyl as possible, then getting to the end where the real pvp battles take place.

BTW, I played thru a good chunk of the story line.. yea, sometimes you join a group/guild/pickup thats really good, and everyone sticks together thruout the different quests.

But then, especially later, the really annoying people, that just group together to use other people as cannon fodder and selflishly blitz over to finish their own quests.. the friggen leave and disband.. effectively wasting your time...

You know, now that online gaming has such a far reach into all kinds of people, that its like worse than real life.. it seems like there are more idiots and a-hats out there online then in real life. that I don't want to interact with.

Originally Posted by |White|Mute|
I think Guild Wars is a good game,great graphics nice music active economy...

but I dont know why is it that its littered with unexperienced players.I have'nt been in a good team up until now.its generally much harder than other MMOs to find good players.

also theres this strange characteristic of this game,it lacks the sense of continuality.when playing other MMOs I can remeber the name and the character of at least 25 players other than the people on my friends list but its hard for me to remeber 5 of'em in GuildWars.

I guess the reason is that teams wont stay together for other games a full team goes for doing like 10 or even more missions together thus they get a chance to know each other ,plan strategies etc.but in guild wars its like a crazy rush just to get to the next city.and bam team gets disbanded.this perfectly describes it as not being a full fledged. MMORPG.although its not claimed to be one.

maybe this is just my experience with guild wars.

perhaps no monthly fee has its consequences.
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