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Default Hey GR Talkin, whats with all the propaganda??

Ok I first noticed it in your first news post, debating a flash movie that has already been talked alot about in the forums. You insinuate that Visiontek is an ATI partner and that ATI partners are scared of GFFX, even though nobody really knows if Visiontek is partner to ANYBODY after they had to turn the key. And they have little if anything to do with ANY of the other ATI partners.

When I saw the source was chipset3d, I thought "Oh Good riddence, this is just a quote from some wierdo who has extensive Nvidia fanboy attitude." But when I looked it actually occured to me that u wrote this your self.

Oh well, I didnt really care much. Its your first news post and stuff.

Now you post a "story" about how techsupport ROCKS with one Nvidia partner and how u think it really sucks at ATI. And I simply had to write something in ur guys feedback section. And u end the "news" post with a mocking and pretty lame(IMO) line like "Whose card ya you gonna buy now?".

If this was posted in the forum, I would have rolled my eyes. But seriously do you really believe it is fitting on the front page??? I mean, the 2 first news posts you make... both shortly after starting here both look verymuch like a petty persons post who has a grudge against somebody.

Correct me if I am wrong.
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