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Agreed 100%, I was just about to type up basically the same thing. If you want to compare tech support, you better cover each ATI partner, Hercules, Sapphire, Crucial etc. Choosing two card vendors tech support and comparing them, that's silly. I agree that 24/7 tech support is nice (but notice they don't claim anywhere that it's 365....), but IMHO they will eventually realize like every other company that supporting for free indefinitely isn't financially feasible.

On the run? If I'm an ATI partner, I'm not scared with the relatively poor GFFX reviews and the R350 coming out soon. Misleading? You mean someone could have their volume too low and not get an idea about how loud the dusbuster really is right? See, you have to think about these things from all angles.

Both of those front page posts reek of fanboyism, not journalism.
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