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Default Re: Official NVIDIA Linux control panel feedback thread

Hi Zander:

I would just like to add that I really appreciate the nvidia-settings panel.
It's a big help for a semi-newbie like me.

That being said, I would like to see 3 critical things added:

1. Resolution settings
2. TV-OUT settings
3. Twinview settings

I think it makes sense to put as first priority those settings that are confusing
or complicated first. Since configuring the above 3 functions can be
extremely cryptic and confusing, especially for the inexperienced, I believe
the above items should be put as higher priority.

BTW, I DO realize that X does not have any built-in facility for changing
resolutions on the fly, but if xvidtune can do it, so can nvidia, I think.

I am working on machines that will be sold to customers. And I believe the
above 3 things will sell a whole lot more nvidia cards in those boxes. Oh, and
when you have time, PureVideo support would be the ultimate feature over
ATI cards.


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