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Default Re: nvsound support status

I have an Asus A7N8X-X motherboard, which does NOT have soundstorm. Currently I'm using the ALSA drivers, with a rather complex asoundrc file for dmix which once is properly confgured, I must admit works very well (just as long as you don't try to mix alsa + oss || oss + oss sound streams (AKA games like Quake derivatives or any program in conjuction with TeamSpeak or Skype ). So currently I rescued my old Sound Blaster Live Value, which has great support with ALSA, plus very good sound quality.

However I've got many friends who aren't as lucky as I, and are stuck with their on-board sound solution, and many of them have considered buying a Creative card (though that can be decieving, especially with their Audigy LS and Live 24-bit).

I scanned through the documentation for nvsound, and maybe it would be nice of nVidia to state about hwmixing support for soundstorm-enabled boards.
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