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Default Re: Cancelled WOW....

I'm 30 years old, been playing video games since their main stream creation, not some kid who just discovered video games lol. All games arn't the time sink these games are. Theirs differences in sitting down and watching a movie a couple times of week then that in playing a game everynight and on the weekends. And even so, it's not healthy to stay home and just watch tv and listen to music every night. Yeah, you can limit that play but we all know that thats not going to happen with these mmos. They're designed for hours and hours of play at a single sitting. As you know just type /played, I dunno, something just doesn't sit right when you break down those days in to hours. Then thinking back about all those weekend nights/days I stayed in to get tio that next lvl or get that gear.

DOn't get me wrong, it was pretty tough to do, I had a ton of time sunk in to thoughs guys I deleted. btw, I'm not hear to change anyones mind, just here to share my opinion and to see if anyone has gone through the same issue.
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