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Originally posted by PreservedSwine
At least ATI has a phone number for support.

I dare you to find Nvidia's customer support phone#.

As far as I can tell, Nvidia doesn't even give you the opportunity to call them.
Because NVIDIA's not the one who makes the cards. Gainward, Abit, Asus, et al do so they're the ones who need to provide support. If ATI didn't make cards as well, then that would be a valid arguement.

Attacking opinions is never a good idea.
Then I'd like to see the review in its entirety so I can offer feedback/criticism/whatever. I'm having a hard time seeing how someone could give a perfect score to a card that's nothing more than a glorified GeForce2, especially when cards like the GeForce3 Ti200 were available that were in most cases faster than the 4 MX, while supporting programmable shaders and the like. It's all part of the journalistic cycle - the writers/reviewer report, the readers react with however they feel.
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