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Default Re: Cancelled WOW....

That's a different reason the Arioch, Tyr was still enjoying the game's, by the sound of it, alot. And i've definatly gone through what you have Tyr, the first couple of years playing EQ it was all i could think about at work, at school, I'd daydream about it, I havent been that way in years though, the whole newness to it and huge scope of the world was facinating, not everyone is drawn in to this degree but I sure was. Like I said before I still very much enjoy them, but when I goto work they are not on my mind, when I go out with friends im not thinking about them anymore, I can play a Match of CS:S and it's the last thing on my mind, I too gained weight, but i've even got that under control now, just eat different and run 8-10 miles a week. I guess somewhere along the line I just decided to take it easy, and enjoy these games at my own pace, I accepted the fact that I will never have the time of the kidos and i will never be "Elite" I am however, extremly skilled and crafty, I can say with no ego, I've pulled off some pretty amazing stunts in these games(for example I was soloing OOW Instances the first week of expansion, getting runes alone with my 66 magician) though skill and determination alone. I have the heart of a champion but the time of an average man. lol Ok now im taking this to far, **Steps off soap box**
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