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Default Nvidia TV out problem - PLEASE HELP!

I have a problem at hand I just can't solve on my own... I have searched the web, though it over real hard, asked the gurus at my university, tried and failed in every way - over and over again - but nothing works Please help!!!

The problem is as follows:

Some weeks ago I ran a dual boot (Win98SE & Fedora 2) and my Nvidia GeForce2MX-card would let me use both my monitor and my TV (cloned mode) to watch movies etc - no problems at all! But since my old harddisc was slowly dieing I recently bought a new one. On this one I installed a similar, but updated kind of dual boot (WinXP Pro & Fedora 4). I installed the latest drivers (from Nvidia) on both the partitions, but strangely enough I can't get TV out on either one. I have tried everything, but all I get is a gray screen on my TV.

According to the Nvidia "configuration-program" in windows everything apears to work fine, but that I is not so. For the Fedora 4 partition I am jusing almost identical configurations as I did for Fedora 2, which then worked fine.

When I boot from my old harddisc the TV out still works fine on both the partitions!!! At least there is nothing wrong with the cable etc then...

Some informations that may be relevant:
-on Fedora 2 I am running Gnome, while on Fedora 4 I am running KDE
-when I changed (just to test) from 800x600 (which worked fine on the old setup) to 640x480, only a rectangle on the center of the TV is gray (so it appears that it is recieving some kind of signal)

I don't use Windows much, but I really would like it to work on my Fedora-partition...

The only thing I can imagine as a slightly logical explenation is that maybe there is a problem with the new drivers or something... But I don't know... I am not an experienced user or anything - but it just make NO sense what so ever to me...

If anyone can help me - please do! It's driving me crazy!
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