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Originally posted by DaveBaumann
When B3D posters have accused NVNEW’s of being biased against ATI Mike has protested that the news does cover a broad base, with both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ for all vendors. However, with news posts like these one has to question whether he’s really serious about that, as it’s obvious the posts are incredibly slanted.

IMO Mike needs to take stock and ask what he’s really trying to run here. If it’s an NVIDIA fan site, then fine, these type of posts are part and parcel of the equation I guess, and NVNEW’s will take the flack for it on other sites. If he’s really serious about running news that doesn’t offer a blatant slant in one direction then, IMO, he needs to look for News posters that can offer a less slanted outlook on the industry.
Are you refering to this post:

As my first story had me thinking about VisionTek, I was reminded of the fact that some of the good peeps from that very company had moved on and gotten BFG Technologies up and running. So, I decided to stop by BFG and take a peek around. One thing of major interest that I spied there was this…

1-866-BFGFIXX (1-866-234-3499)

Know what that is? It's BFG Technologies’ 24/7/365 Toll free tech support line for their NVIDIA based cards. Yep, no kidding. All day, any day. I assume that even means if you should crack into a Christmas present, find a BFG card and then run into a little spot of trouble getting it up and running, you can call ‘em and they'll be there. Sweet! Sucky for the guy or gal that has to pull that Cristams morning tech support shift but hey, so long as it ain’t me!

Now check this out...

$1.25 US per minute

You know what that is?

I'll tell ya. It's ATI's version of customer care. Yep, after thirty days "ya gots ta pay, Boy". And, that is as cheap as it gets. Once your free (if yer lucky) 30 days is up you pay and it only goes up from that amount too. I guess they gotta raise some fundage for the driver team somehow!

Whose card ya you gonna buy now?
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