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Thumbs up Methinks it's time for a group hug.

I don't have a problem with different people having different bias', that's why crayolas come in boxes of 64.

This constant bickering about who is an nVidiot/fanATIc is getting old, people do not have to be on one side or the other and their feelings can change over time. (*COUGH-COUGH*markfoxpostingforbest9700proprices*COUGH-COUGH* )

I think focusing on the personalities is just a distraction on focusing on the cards. (Well, aside from being fun and all... )

But at the end of the day, they're still just video cards and far from signifigant in the greater scheme of things. I'll hypocrite myself before the day is out on that statement, but I know I do and I do it because it's fun for me to distract meself from my daily grind....but please keep in mind that this is just about viddy cards and don't take it too personally either way.

I'll now let y'all tear in to each other again, it's sort of fun to watch.
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