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Default Re: Methinks it's time for a group hug.

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
This constant bickering about who is an nVidiot/fanATIc is getting old, people do not have to be on one side or the other and their feelings can change over time. (*COUGH-COUGH*markfoxpostingforbest9700proprices*COUGH-COUGH* )
Well, hehe, I was posting truth, you cannot argue with the fact that Radeon 9700 Pro from Crucial costs £232.64, though you might argue that:
1. Itís not a good card - itís not worth £232.64
2. Geforce FX is a bargain so why get Radeon 9700 Pro for 232.64
etc etc...

(Oh btw, digitalwanderer was referring to this post I made.
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