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I've been labeled as a variety of things. It first started that I was Pro Nvidia because of me criticizing the motherboard issues with the initial 9700 Pro's. Then now I'm Pro ATi because I've been criticizing Nvidia's Ti4800 and the FX.

You can't please everyone. Do I really care if die hard ATi or Nvidia users harp on me? Hell no. It's just computer hardware. If most of the die hards would back away from their shrines they have nestled in their closets they would notice this.

Plus, I don't understand why people are so dismayed with GR Talking. If he wants to harp on ATi or what not. Let him. If you guys don't like what's on a site. Just visit another site. It's just mind boggling that you get harped on and flame email because some individuals don't like what you post. Hehehehe. It's like wathching TV. You don't like it, change the channel.

This is a Nvidia site no? If you don't expect to be a little Nvidia Biased here then something is up. After all the name of the website then should be changed to something other then nV. You see the same ***** going on at Rage3D. You just deal with it or don't visit the site. Is this such a hard concept to understand?

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