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Default Re: Re: Hey GR Talkin, whats with all the propaganda??

Originally posted by vampireuk
Coming from the guy who found humour in nvnews been hacked.....
Alot of guys barked a laugh at that, I have been hacked too and I laughed at that too. I never laughed at u guys losing data, I actually told how sorry I was when u lost forum data. I do like this site, but every news post like GR's and replies like this one makes me like it a bit less. Well maybe you don't care, but I do. I tried not to be hostile and put this in as kind a way I could, but honestly I dont believe that those posts are appropriate.

The fact is that there is a big diffrence between a reply to a thread in a forum by a person who is complete non affiliated with the site. And news posts posted on the front page of a very sucessful vidiocard news site, news posts posted by an official person representing the site.

Im sorry if I offended you by my post, I really didnt mean to, but your reply indicates that I did. Sorry d00d
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