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Personally, I was more than a bit disappointed when I saw such a blatant "Pro-NVIDIA" post on the front page of nV News...especially after all the effort I made to remove the "fanboy" stigma from the website ( which was unjustly given in the first-place IMHO ).

Being an NVIDIA-based website does not mean that nV News has to be biased towards NVIDIA products. It certainly does not dictate that nV News has to have the "fanboy" mentality either...Rather, all it means is that when NVIDIA does something well, it gets a great deal of attention. You can praise a product without being a fanboy by not being blind to other good products.

Using the BFG vs. ATI post as an example, we find that all the major ATI-vendors have been ignored. When making such a bold statement, you should always cover all bases to avoid the "fanboy" stigma.

Having been the driving force behind the first ATI review on nV News ( controversial without question ), I feel as though I am warranted in sharing some thoughts on this subject. My objective in reviewing the ATI card was to illustrate the fact that nV News was an unbiased source for the leading news in computer graphics. The perspectives and conclusions found within each review were reputable and could be trusted. To ensure the public's trust of each review, I could always be found in forums ( Rage3D included ) clarifying any issues and fielding further questions. Personally, I looked at the nV News community as fans of NVIDIA products, but above of the best graphics technology ( regardless of vendor ).

Unfortunately, one or two posts like this voids all the efforts made on my part. Perhaps I was wrong about nV News from the start...Perhaps nV News should only focus on NVIDIA products in the future. Regardless, I stand by my actions and views and are pleased with the state I left nV News. Now being a member of HardOCP, I realize that my input here might not mean anything...However, I hope people can take something from this post and it influences a decision or two in the future...
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