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Default Re: pink stripe down center of screen

First of all I must thank you for your excellent feedback and your valuable help.
I killed KDE and tried native X and still had the stripe. I wasn't sure if that is what you meant as I didn't know how to use the 'nv' native X driver per your last post.
I don't see the stripe when the NVIDIA splash screen appears.
I had a mirror of 9.3 prior to the KDE upgrade I mentioned earlier that I don't remember seeing this problem on. However, it also had the pink stripe.
Also, I compiled and got installed and working 1.0-7676 per your earlier recommendation and that didn't help either.

I am now convinced that I have a card that has gone bad although it was only 2-months old. It's under warentee so I will get another one and try it soon.

Thanks again for convincing me I have hardware problems as I was loosing steam trying to figure this out.

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