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Default Re: Check out this cyberpunk mmorpg.. Neocron 2

That error is weird, never had that happen to me be4, it must be your pc. Since me and a friend have not had this. (clicking is a HD dieing..? ).

U can manually download half the patches from

Neocron 2 patchez

I forgot about that creditcard part wich is annoying. Theres an offline demo as well, but doesnt represent the full game.

The reason why i made this thread is... ive been a loooong time gamer and when i see a good game with lots of potential id like to share it with people. The word sex is an emote.. they never heard of an profanity filter... NPC's say **** OFF regularly to u :P Or just wanna capp urr ass. This game isnt ment for people who start to whine and quit when they find themselfs face down in the dirt.


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