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Unhappy BIG problem with ALL officials .run files on Debian-SID AMD64

Hi everybody,

First, sorry for my pathetic english, I really need to improve

I am very desapointed...I used Debian-SID AMD64 and since the 7174 release, I just CANNOT install driver form officiel .run

It always say end to the same...In the log, it just say there are no rules to make the nvidia.ko and now EVERY version of the driver say the same thing...

The most odd is when I use .deb package and compile the driver like this :
cd /usr/src
tar zxfv nvidia-kernel-source.tar.gz
cd linux
make-kpkg modules-images
dpkg -i ../nvidia-kernel-
It work like a charm !!

This is really weird and sad because the debian package are still at 7174 (It usually take some weeks or even a month or two to have Nvidia debian package)

Have you some way to solve this ?

Athlon64 2800+
1Go DDR Corsair
PNY Nvidia QuadroFX 1100
GNU/Linux Debian-SID AMD64 up-to-date
kernel vanilla
Nvidia driver 7174 from debian package
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