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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

I am really getting tired of the huge guilds pushing everyone around when they don't do what they want. They run around lead by a 15 year old and threaten or black list people for the dumbest things you can think of.

A buddy of mine on Elune was booted from a Sholo run by a guy name Wrayth or some thing like that, for saying he was a ass. He also booted another guy from the run because he laughed at my buddy's comment. Later that Wrayth guy (who was the former leader of a punk guild name Just Cause) reported my buddy to the admins for "greiving" and bad language. Well this game has a rating on it. I wonder if that child rises to the rating's minimum. It also has a swear filter so his whole point is moot.

He is just another punk kid who's mommy and daddy bought him a puter to pway wiff.

Here is another example. I was in a guild run with a huge guild called Just Cause, after we kill Drac, they were actually porting in people for a couple of the drops off of him. They pull this crap all the time.

I refuse to join any of these huge guild. I would rather stay a Valor warrior than a Epic warrior in a guild that rolls over anyone they feel is in their way.

Another thing that pisses me off about this game are Chinese farmers and the pathetic slackers who hire them to get their stuff for them. WTF!? I am sick of these pricks jacking up the prices in the AH on every simgle damn item. Actually I am sick of people with whom I can't communicate with in a raid.
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