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As a newbie to these forums and an owner in the past of Riva 128, TNT, G200+ V2SLI, V3, G400, V5, GF3, GF4 and 9700 roughly in that order. I think I can safely say I buy what is best for me at the time, as a flight sim enthusiast the poor FSAA of the GF2 and ATI 8500 compared to other cards available at the time were two of the few I never considered. What has put this site on my short list of favorites is its high quality opinions of all hardware and usually excellent news links with pithy comments.

Personally I find FanATIcs as irritating as Nvidiots, perhaps more so now that the disappointing previews of the FX have given them something to crow about, I never read the front page of Rage 3D as I don't like the bias, I don't think the bias of RAGE 3D is all that bad but when hardware news reflects an obvious bias it is not worth reading. I expect NvNews to be enthusiastic about Nvidia's products but infantile fanboy crap such as GR Talkings recent ravings are of the quality that would get attacked in any reasonably balanced forum or discussion group, to have them on the front page along with worthwhile, credible news bits is just sad.


It is not so much that Rage3Ds news is biased, it is that they pretty much only bother with ATI specific news that you know about anyhow if you go to any site that has a decent hardware news section. The fact that Rage3D is so ATI specific makes it uninteresting in the extreme, good for tech support type stuff only.

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