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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

I would like to see a amd 64 freebsd driver as well. I was actually quite shocked that one didn't show up yet considering the perfect 32-bit one. Nvidia should follow through with its freebsd support and release a 64-bit driver as well. Freebsd is just as advanced an OS as any other and its developers work really hard at their releases. The freebsd OS design is a very advanced and sophisticated design. Often, thier security team is quicker to discover new security vulnerabilities in hardware and software than anybody else. When they find something important the first think they do is talk to microsoft and intel and linux development communities. Freebsd is very much a part of a larger community, it's called the planet earth. We have what is called a global economy these days where one country depends upon another country.

I run freebsd on multiple machines with several nvidia graphics cards. One of those machines happens to be a duel monitor machine with 2 nvidia graphics cards. I've ran just about every 3d app you can think of with the 32-bit nvidia driver, should I have to either give up freebsd or nvidia? I think nvidia is counting on the fact that if they don't make a driver, I will be forced to give up freebsd. It makes me wonder in the end if they are doing this to hurt freebsd or because its not worth the small effort.
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