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Default Re: Shimmering Drivers: Preliminary Results

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
I think you may be seeing a result of the time of day the video was taken. Compared to the Nv4xhq.avi they are very similar. Like I said. This software tends to show shimmering at excessive levels on pretty much all hardware I have tested. I am probably going to retake the EQ 77.77 video at the same time setting. ((in game obviously for the scrutinizing people))

Also keep in mind that these were recorded @ 640x480 resolution which amplifies the affect.
Yeah, that makes sense. Well cool, thanks for putting the videos up and keeping us informed! It really is good to hear that nVidia's on the ball with this issue as it's something that's been bothering me quite a bit since I got my 7800. Looking forward to playing WoW without distracting shimmering.
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