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insmod nvidia will only load the driver if you have installed driver version 4191. If the last driver that you installed was <= 3123, then you have to insmod NVdriver instead.

But the real way to tell what's loaded is to lsmod. Then, if you see either NVdriver or nvidia in the output, you can conclude that the kernel module is loaded, regardless of what it's called. Much easier.

If lsmod doesn't show either nvidia or NVdriver, then you have to load it, by modprobe'ing either NVdriver or nvidia. Since insmod nvidia didn't work, it seems that you either:

1) Don't have any NVIDIA_kernel package installed
2) Have the wrong NVIDIA_kernel package installed (i.e. you installed one that was looking for the wrong Linux kernel version)
3) Have NVIDIA_kernel.1.0-3123 or before installed.

Do an rpm -qa | grep -i nvidia to show which packages you have, and also a uname -r to show which kernel you run. Post the results of both of these.
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