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May 12, 2005 - Paint.NET 2.2 Alpha1

* German translation (about 80% complete)
* Scaling and rotation of selected pixels (use the Move tool after selecting)
* Ability to modify a selection with union and subtraction (NOTE: performance is currently quite bad)
* Unobtrusive update notification system
* Measurements and rulers available in inches and centimeters, as well as pixels
* Holding down spacebar allows you to pan with any tool
* Shift+mouse wheel now scrolls horizontally
* Brush tools now render a preview that corresponds to the brush size
* TGA file format support
* GIF transparency support
* Many areas have been heavily optimized for performance (scrolling, zooming in, Blur effect, selection rendering)
* New effect: Add Noise
* New adjustment: Sepia
* Brightness & Contrast adjustment now works with luminance, not RGB, scaling. This produces more correct results.
* New Rotate/Zoom user interface that allows for 3D rotation, tilting, and image tiling
* Further optimized for dual-core CPU's (Athlon X2, Pentium D) and multiprocessor systems (Xeon, Opteron)
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