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Originally posted by Mark_fox
I like nVidia and all that but man, these few posts have really been biased as hell, even the biggest nVidiot would see that...then again, this is nvnews - so maybe the bias should be expected...
Hmmm, now that IS the smartest note here yet. I mean, why call someone a fanboy just cuz they dig nv and took a couple of opportunities to poke the competition? I do dig nvidia. I wish I could dig ATI cuz I live right around the corner from their main complex. I could go dig cards out of their dumpster for free. But, that is where I believe they belong so I leave them their.

I spent well over a thousand dollars last year on ATI cards. I hated that but I could not offer meaningful opinions on any chipset/card configuration without testing them all. Or, at least the ones of import. I did my bit to help a fellow Countryman (countrycompany... whatever). They always let me down in the end as, after the testing is done, the ATI card goes on the shelf and the NVIDIA card goes in my gaming system. Yes, I play games as often as I have time to. I use NVIDIA because it makes gaming hassle-free. End of story.

Back to the matter at hand...

I think it is ridiculous that ATI charges for tech support. Although, I do believe that I know why they do it.

I was not kidding about the drivers team needing money. A friend and I discussed one day a couple years ago how we thought ATI could drag themselves out of the basement. We figured they had to spend a bootful o' cash on a chip/board that was very fast, get it out there and win a race, fix the drivers up as best as they could once the card was already out there, and, take a major $$$ loss on the product. This just so they could make their name stand out as something other than "the bad driver" company. They did this. I couldn't really believe it, but they did. The did nothing revelutionary, BTW. They followed a spec (DX9) that was largely laid out by others, they used a 256 (expensive) memory bus and an existing manufacturing process and they had it.

One could suggest that yes, they are trying to dig back every cent they can get their mitts on. One might also suggest that a company with buggy drivers could either A: spend a ton on support, or B: claw back a ton on support. In the end, the user is not paying for what it cost to R&D and build the card, then perhaps they should feel OK about paying a little to maintain it. Not a bad arguement. However, I would rather just "psssst, hey Buddy, BUY NVIDIA".

I don't mind being called a fanatic/fanboy/nvidiot. I mean seriously, how could that matter? I would have to a real whining little baby to have that even make an impression on me.


I dig their video cards.

I think when I do my first review here at nvnews you will also see that, nvidiot or not, I will give all comers a fair shake and I will be honest. If I want to have a little fun on the news page and poke ATI a bit, who really cares. Better question, why would anyone care as much as some folks seem to?

Relax, some of you take yourselves and the whole video card thing way, way to seriously.


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