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Originally posted by pelly
Using the BFG vs. ATI post as an example, we find that all the major ATI-vendors have been ignored. When making such a bold statement, you should always cover all bases to avoid the "fanboy" stigma.
Allow me to print for you here a couple of e-mail exchanges on this very subject if you will...

from a reader:

"You'r post simply implies that if customers buy ATI cards they need to pay for Tech support and its simplynot true...

GR Talkin':

I'm sorry but if consumers buy ATI cards, the do have to pay for tech support. It is true. Some models of ATI cards offer 30 days free then you pay. I did not mention anything about cards from 3rd party manufacturers.

If I had said the customers who buy cards based on ATI GPUs have to pay that would be misleading. I am well aware that 3rd parties may offer their own unique and completely independent tech support solutions. This is why I did not say, "If you buy an "ATI" card or a "Powered by ATI" card you have to pay for tech support.".

If, because I did not specifically note the policies of ATI's manufacturing partners, a reader should come to the conclusion that tech support from those companies also must be paid for, then it is not I who have mislead the reader but rather the reader has misled him or herself by making assumptions about something that I did not even mention.



And then there was this guy...

"Did you look on nvidia's web site to see how much their support was? Guess what there is none. At lease ATI has support for their products and their 3d party vendors."

GR Talkin'

NVIDIA does not sell video cards. They sell no consumer goods, as a matter of fact. What they do do however, is tech support the people who buy their products. Those people being add-in-board, motherboard and game console manufacturers. Their customers are the only people they are beholden to.

ATI sells video cards to end users and then charges them for tech support after a free grace period (if one is included with the particular model).

I am not sure what point it is you are trying to make.



Hmmm, I am not sure I failed to make a complete and meaningful post about this matter. Just because I was very obviously poking ATI in th eye with a sharp stick I am accused of somehow shoddy journalism and/or of being a fanboy. OK, I can handle it. And, if peeps around here wanna flame me I am down with that. But, you best have your poop in a group. I do love a good scrap.

Also, if I find another mainstream video card manufacturer doing the same thing, I will poke them too. Go ahead, find me one and I'll do it.

Also, they may well have to offer support for 3rd party vendors as part of the sales agreement when the chips head out the dorr. It isn't like the 3rd parties don't know how much they may have to spend on tech supporting ATI's products.

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