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Default Re: Cancelled WOW....

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
Exactly, never in my life have I not had any selfcontrol when gaming. Beforehand I'd always set aside time for playing nightly, a couple of hours here and there, limit myself at the PC. I'd certainly never turn down a night out on the town. For whatever reason I lost that playing these style games(MMO). I went from being socialbly active to just sitting here lvl'ing and trying to obtain epic gear night after night, weekend after weekend. Wasting a vaction just playing these games. It's not unheard of, it's all to common. I feel for the kids playing these games, wasting their childhood away.
It's a forum of addiction and anyone saying that it can't happen is just fooling themsleves..

For me, the best solution was just what I did. Quit cold turkey. It's all to easy to just sign back up if you leave your toons intact.
I cancelled for the exact same reason and I'm very glad I did. Funny thing is I was right at the top of my game. Level 60 mage. In a MC raiding guild. Epic gear. Owning in PVP. But like you said just a total waste of time. From now on I'm just sticking to casual gaming, no more MMORPG for me.
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