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Have an honest question for you GR. Have you actually tried calling both to see how they compare? Or are you basing your conclusion on what each website says? I can offer you 24/7/365 tech support for free, for every part in your computer, from any company, hell even support for your car, tv, microwave, and dvd player, but if the number is always busy and my vision of support (once you can reach the support) is telling you to visit the manufactorers website and then promtly hanging up, how good of tech support is it then? My point is, there's more to comparing tech support than looking at the companies website and seeing what kind of tech support is stated.

Personally, I rather pay for tech support (not that I have ever in my life called or needed tech support) and get a quick fix/solution, then have free tech support that sends me running around in circles for 2 weeks before getting anywhere. Anyone else agree?
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