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No it should be a shipping build (Gold release), however I tested under UT2003 and found that I was pulling over 35 avg with 2x AA and 4x AF enabled and all setting set at the hihest levels, but in Unreal2 I'm pulling 15 or so in using the default options. This is what conserns me, since it is the same engine I would have expected similar performance, to me there is a vast diffrence between 15 and 35 frames a second. Also note the lack of improvement I've seen when turning off AA and AF. I should metion that the first level of UR2 was playable a about 35 frames a sec, even in the out doors, but that the second mision (also outdoors) played very poorly, this is what I'm talking about.

Note: I've been using the outdoor levels in UT with between 8 and 12 players, so this is should compare to UR2 as closely as I can manage.

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