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Sorry, chiming in late on this one...

I didn't find the "support pricing" post to reflective of what I've come to expect from nVNews. The posting mannerism, style, and closure suggest an intentional and pointed slant not in favor of but in attack of a company. Yes, this is a fan site; however, that should not mean that the news postings should be visceral and meant to give certain low-ego readers a catharsis.

I'm not going to suggest or tell anyone how their job should be done. But, I've been in the business too. I still am in the business. I know effective writing when I see it. Yes, your post was effective - but it was also negatively affective. I can understand where it is within the site's goals to have a pro-nVidia stance, but it is clearly not in the best interests of anyone involved to take an anti-ATI stance. The devil's in the details, yes it is.

Now GR, I know you probably don't know me; several people here do, and they know I tend to write like a radio repair manual. Don't take this personally. Just realise that as long as you have access to the NewsPoster interface, you have a responsibility to each and every reader to post news that will positively affect the purchase and usage of certain graphics card (and now motherboard) products. Slanting facts, even resulting in accidental misrepresentation, is not the way to do this.

This isn't what I've come to expect from nVNews. I know this place from the inside out - that post wasn't nV quality.
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