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Default Probs with 4191 drivers.

Well, I figure if I'm on the nVidia site I might do a little better with my probs. OK, what it boils down to is I downloaded and installed the nvidia 4191 rpms for my GeForce 2 MX 400 PCI card. After posting probs on 2 other sites and with not getting a reply on my most recent prob, I decided to stop here and hopefully get some answers. To try and make it somewhat short I can say that at first I downloaded the 2960 files and then was told to use the 4191 files. OK, but nothing happened and I was then told to remove the 2960 files and the 4191 rpms and then reload the 4191 rpms and I did and "X" crashed in XFree 4.2.1 and I luckily discovered that I could get back in Linux using XFree 3.3.6 (With experimental 3D). Then, thru a tutorial on nVidia rpm install I seen a couple things to do and in order to do them I needed to get back in XFree 4.2.1. Well I did and ended up with my desktop and everything looks OK. But I restarted and went to "failsafe" and then went to "extensions" { [root@localhost extensions] } and typed: ls libglx* and the reply is: OK that seems good so I then typed: ls -l libglx* and the reply is:

lrwxrwxrwx 1root root 18 Jan 28 15:20 ->*
-rwxr -xr -x 1root root 659340 Jan 28 15:14*

OK, so I thought that was good then I typed: modprobe NVdriver and got this reply: modprobe: can't locate module NVdriver . Well, should I uninstall the 4191 drivers again and re-install or???????? I have a Tyan Trinity 400 mobo with a Int PIII 600 cpu 512 megs of ram Sndblstr Live sndcd. Oh, and Mandrake 9.0.

Later. Pepse.
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