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Well, it didn’t take me but a minute to find my first real news post.
Apparently some of ATI's add-in-board partners are getting a little nervous about the upcoming retail release of the GF FX. And, this is before we have even seen a review of a retail ready FX card. Of course there has been a “preview” or two that has been presented as “review” but hey, not everyone on the net really cares about little “details” like that now do they?

Anyhoo, check this out. Too funny!

Yep, it would appear that the peeps from the something or other “Group” that picked up the pieces of the fallen VisionTek have decided that the FX is enough of a threat to launch a little preemptive strike - before they even bring product to market I might add.

It would also appear that they might have even swiped one of those ridiculous FX cooling sound files that was used in a certain review. I dunno what that author was thinking about just where a reader might have their PC’s volume level set at the time they played that file but it certainly has the potential to be VERY misleading, don’tcha think?
Posts like that are completely rediculous.. THAT is a *news* post???

Hey, HELLLOOO the GFFX has been in a completed Physical Form for MONTHS now. The Previews are HARDLY any different from what youa re going to see in the final reviews. None of the ATi partners are *Afraid* of that Glorified Dustbuster. Get a Clue.. they are all going to start Sellgin Radeon 9900's in a VERY short time. Read, GFFX gets a COMPLETE ass whippin.

Oh, one more thing... that *ridiculous FX cooling sound files* is the WAY IT SOUNDS. Even John Carmack commented on it, as has EVERYONE ELSE. So if its rediculous its becuase it is TRULEY REDICULOUS.

Then perhaps you should look at

FSAA IQ Comparrison done today. Bottom line even *if* Nvidia gets their drivers a little better, their 6xs, and 8xs modes are no match for ATi's 4x FSAA and ATi is about 40 FPS faster with even *Remotely* comparable FPS IQ.

Rage3d, may be an ATi fan site with only ATi news. But they NEVER post a bunch of MINDLESS Fanboi Crap on their Main page, and call it NEWS.
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