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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by vampireuk
Sucubus and seduce, warriors cannot get anywhere near you.
That's assuming it doesnt get resisted in the first place. That's also assuming he isn't a blacksmith. And he isn't undead. And he doesn't PvP. And he . . erm . . well you get the point. Seduce is a poor excuse for CC. Fear even worse. Basically, if you find yourself in a situation with an opposing melee char as a warlock, you can variably try to seduce or (snicker) fear them, but chances are you are as good as dead. The only things that can save you are soul link(the end talent for demonology)or well . . nah thats the only thing that can save you. Sucks huh? Thats why the whole warlock community has been in an uproar for the past 3 patches because we've got nothing but talent improvements. Were they needed? Absolutely, but our real problems have yet to be fixed. Soul shards, an instant non-talent defense, pet pathing, and our end-game pets are glaring issues that have been pushed by the wayside for some time now.

Hell, I just saw an infernal and doomguard get wtfpwned by one of those new fangled hunter pets on the 1.7 test. Lore problems aside(A chaotic minion of doom and destruction gets beaten by Kitty the Karate Cat? I don't think so . .), that shows how much work needs to be done on our endgame pets.

heh, woops. there I go ranting again . . . sorry . as much as I enjoy this class, it kills me how Blizzard is so ignorant about our problems. don't let my ranting stop you from playing however. A warlock is an excellent class for PvE, and the most interesting and challenging for PvP. Have fun
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