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The 78.03 drivers provided a noticeable reduction in the degree of texture shimmering in the following Half-Life 2 scene.

The extensive shimmering that took place on the wall to the left with the 77.77 driver is very close to being eliminated in the 78.03 beta.

The degree of shimmering in the area outlined in white was also reduced, but is still noticeable (at a 90% reduction in the default forward movement speed). However, the shimmering that was particularly noticeable with the 77.77 drivers in the two areas outlined in green has been eliminated in the 78.03 drivers.

At 1600x1200 with 4XAA and 8XAF, the average frame rate dropped by 1 frame (from 77 to 76 fps) using the 78.03 driver with Anandtech's C17_C12 demo.


Send me a PM and I will be glad to provide you with links to two uncompressed 1024x768 videos that can be used for comparisons. The videos require the Fraps codec to be played back and each one is around 86 MB.

Note that the default forward movement speed was decreased by 90% (cl_maxforwardspeed was changed from 400 to 40) when the videos were recorded!
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